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Advantages of power frequency spark machine

Release time:2019-10-22 10:48Popularity:

Power frequency spark machine is used to detect whether wires or cables are missing. It has stable structure, stable performance and atmospheric appearance. It is a very good use of the machine, it can have a lot of unique use advantages.
1. Obvious breakdown
After the improvement of power frequency spark machine, the copper group power new-type transformer is used in the high-voltage package, which has high regulation stability in the range of 0-15kv. The low-quality transformer used by some manufacturers reduces the cost and cannot guarantee the quality at all. The power frequency spark machine transformer shall be maintained free of charge within one year. The breakdown characteristics are obvious and easy to distinguish, thus improving the detection efficiency.
The test voltage is continuously adjustable with a resolution of 0.05 seconds. It has good stability, strong anti-interference and obvious breakdown point. Count automatically and give an alarm in case of breakdown. In addition, the key components are made of stainless steel, durable and corrosion-resistant, the whole machine is compact in structure, strong in mechanical load capacity, the electrical box is equipped with mechanical grounding, safety protection spring, easy to maintain, the machine has high stability, reliable and safe detection ability, and is the most ideal test equipment for wire and cable detection.
2. High sensitivity
The power frequency spark machine adopts a new experimental circuit design of the spark machine, which realizes the adjustable circuit of sensitivity, so that it can be adjusted according to the test site. First, when the sensitivity is low, the sensitivity can be increased; when the sensitivity is too high, the sensitivity can be properly reduced to reduce misoperation, etc. More intelligent, more suitable for different types of cables and working environment.
3. Small experimental error
After sampling inspection, the power frequency spark machine has more than 100 times of artificial breakdown for different voltages, the error value is less than or equal to 1%, and the experimental error is far less than 3% of the national standard, thus greatly improving the experimental reliability of the power frequency spark machine and reducing the error.

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