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User's Notes
1. Conditions for maintenance:
(1) From the date of invoice issuance and within a one-year warranty period, if there are any faults in the materials used or in the design and manufacture of our products and components, the company will repair them according to the conditions indicated in the guarantee.
(2) If the failure occurs after the warranty period is caused by the company's design and manufacture, the company will also repair it, and appropriate charges for spare parts and door-to-door fees.
2. During the warranty period, the company will charge for repairs if the following circumstances arise.
(1) Faults caused by misuse.
(2) Faults caused by improper modification of instrument parameters or products.
(3) Faults caused by natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and fires, as well as voltage instability and other special external factors.
(4) Failure to operate in accordance with the specifications of the company's products or the failure caused by the user when handling the machine.
(5) Failure occurred when the company was not contacted and transported abroad.
(6) Problems occurring in the course of transportation.
(7) Users fail to perform regular inspection and maintenance as required.
3. Regular inspection and repair
When the user requests regular inspection or repair, he or she can write on the maintenance feedback sheet when to check and maintain regularly. During the warranty period, he or she can send the feedback sheet to the technical service center of the company, and the company will send a separate voucher. Upon receipt of user remittance, the company will arrange specific time for regular inspection and maintenance.
4. Effectiveness of the Guarantee
(1) The warranties record the required items and the affiliates or manufacturers of the company must stamp the affiliates or manufacturers'seals before they come into effect.
(2) Users should fill in the maintenance feedback form carefully and send it back to our company in time to take effect.
Note: After charging for maintenance, if the second failure occurs in the same part within 3 months, it will be repaired. In order to enable users to obtain satisfactory products, and to enable users to have the normal use of our products within the required time, please contact our company's technical service center as soon as possible after the failure occurs. This warranty is used for repairing procedures, so please keep it properly.
If the company's products are in bad condition or malfunction, please contact the company as soon as possible. The company will handle it as appropriate according to the user's requirements.