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QY-15ES High frequency spark tester

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Product Description
QY-15A high-frequency spark machine is a fast and reliable quality inspection tool for on-line detection of various types of wire and cable and other conductive insulation layers such as pinholes, broken skin, bare copper and other poorly insulated instruments. It can quickly detect defects outside the conductor without damaging the electrical conductors inside the outer casing. High-frequency (3KHz) high-voltage electrode head is used to replace the traditional (50, 60Hz) power frequency high-voltage electrode head, which can make the electrode head size 50/120mm bead contact type, which greatly reduces the installation size and greatly improves the detection speed ( 1200-2400m/min). This high-frequency spark tester is a highly reliable quality control tool.

Note: A variety of practical patents are combined in one, easier to operate, more durable, metal-enveloped perspective, beautiful and durable. Especially suitable for wire diameter ≤ 5mm, line speed ≥ 200m / min and strict quality inspection requirements.
Product Features
1. This product is made of epoxy resin watering high pressure bag, triple waterproof design, can be tested with water, when there is poor insulation of the tested wire, there are contacts, counting, sound and light alarm.
2. The electrode tip size is about 50 times smaller than the conventional (50 Hz).
3. The spark generated in an instant does not damage the good insulation of the wire conductor.
4. There is a safe switch interlock protection device.
5. There is a linkage signal control with the fault or start of the line or host.
6. Can quickly detect the pinhole and broken wire conductor failure.
Breakdown indication
1. Automatic mode: Break through the count sound and light alarm contact signal action, then automatically reset to continue the high pressure detection state.
2. Manual mode: After the breakdown count, the sound and light alarm contact signal control output is always required. It is necessary to manually press the reset button to continue the high pressure detection state.

Safety interlock
When the electrode box cover is opened, the high pressure is automatically cut off to ensure the personal safety of the operator. At the same time, the external contact signal can be used to control the low pressure circuit, so that the high voltage is turned on and off (such as the line is stopped, the high voltage is also stopped, the spark is faulty, and the wire is also closed. stop).

Main technical Parameter  

Input Voltage: AC220V/250V±15%
Input Frequency : 50±2Hz
Power: 120VA
Ambient temperature: -10~45℃
Humidity : <85%( Non-condensing water)
Testing voltage : AC 0-10-15KV optional
Breakdown sensitivity: I=600±50uA,t≤0.005s
Max. Moving speed of the tested wire: 1000/min
Output Frequency : 2.5~3.5KHz
Max. diameter of the tested wire: Φ5mm?

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