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Corona processor

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Product description
The plastic surface preheater adopts advanced frequency controller technology for the surface treatment of Teflon wire before printing, increasing the adhesion of printing ink, replacing the traditional gas fire roasting process, improving work safety and speeding up printing speed. Save gas production costs. The precise on-line heating of the extruded exterior can be carried out at a frequency of 6 KHz before the extrusion process, and a plasma-activated molecular structure is generated on the surface of the plastic such as fluoroplastic or nylon to enhance the printing adhesion. The high-frequency potential difference is used to generate plasma arc light, which changes the molecular structure of the plastic surface. It is in an unsaturated state, removes the surface water, gas and debris, and forms a perfect printing combination with the ink. After 24 hours, the surface molecular structure is restored, and the wire is not damaged. The IC interface unit controls the high-frequency output power, and can accurately control the temperature and control according to the speed of the production line with an optimized frequency and accurate voltage.

Output preheating automatic speed tracking to ensure temperature consistency at different line speeds. Its appearance is beautiful and its performance is stable. Relative to the gas preheating flame size is difficult to adjust, too large will cause the Teflon to be discolored, the flame is too small will make the printing ink fall off. If the flame is uncertain, the printing effect will be inconsistent and affect the overall beauty of the printing. Fire safety risks are high, and the cost of using liquefied gas is high.                                           
Main technical parameter

Power source:                                AC220V 50HZ
Power:                                1000W
Electrode:                                 high temperature ceramics from US
Output voltage:                                0.5~15KV 30KHZ
Processer diameter:                                 ≤5mm
Ambient Temp:                                -10~45℃
Humidity :                               ≤85%(Non-condensing water)
Suitable materials:                                PTFE、PFA、ETFE、PVDF、FEP


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